Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mix of funny jumps etc.

Hi, here is another mix video that is made of many smaller clips full of funny jumps and such stuff. Some of the jums and things in these clips are really absolutely amazing. These are videos that makes me think if stuff like this is really possible and if it is not fake. Who knows.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do not laugh Japan tv show

Hello, this is one of those crazy Japan tv shows. Check it out, these guys cannot laugh and if they do they gets spanked :)

My favorite Japan funny advertisement

Probably everyone has at least once in life seen some commercial from Japan, well this one is my favorite. I've seen it for first time few years ago and yesterday I have accidentally found on youtube. Check it out, I think it is really cool and funny also.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The best very funny videos of 2010

i have missed some of the best funny videos of 2010, then you will like this clip. yes there was even more funny videos from this year, but in this videoclip you can see some of the most important ones. In this clip you can see such hilarious clips like the rent is too damn high party, Antoine Dodson, i hate Iceland and much much more. Check it out if the most funny videos of 2010 is what are you looking for.

Lady falls into fountain while texting

Hi fans of very funny vids, this time I have for you one video that is now really big hit on the web. You might probably already seen it or at least heard about it. This is video where you can see how lady is texting and then falls into fountain in the mall. what more I say about it, it is hilarious. Oh and it is from Bershire mall.